On May 4th, residents will be able to vote on a 2.4 mil property increase for the City of Twinsburg. This tax increase is STRICTLY dedicated for the Police and Fire Departments. The funds generated by the millage will fund the Police and Fire Pensions, along with capital improvements for the two safety forces.

Why Does Twinsburg Fire Department need YOU to vote YES on Issue 2?

  • Vehicle Purchasing
    • Ambulances
      • Three out of the four ambulances for the City of Twinsburg are ten years old. Ambulance manufactures take approximately 8-12 months to build the ambulances the Twinsburg Fire Department purchases.
    • Ladder Trucks
      • Both Ladder trucks for the City of Twinsburg are twenty one years old and are in need of replacements. Manufacturers take more the one year to build ladder trucks for the purchasing fire departments.
  • Capital Improvements to both fire stations

In 2020, the City of Twinsburg received a State Performance Audit. In the audit, the State advised that the fire department is understaffed based on the call volume for the City of Twinsburg. The City of Twinsburg has committed to an increase in Fire Department staff.

With the approval of the levy, there will be dedicated money for equipment and to help replace our aging fleet of vehicles.

For the information on the State Performance Audit, you can read it here:–State-Performance-Audit

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